Another Hand Foundation 

 "Assisting Families and Individuals During Crisis and Empowering Them to Rebuild Their Lives"


Another Hand Foundation is a non-profit organization established to help families rise from the ashes of a fire and start the recovery process. It is our vision and passion within us that helps families whom have had the tragedy of a house or apartment fire, domestic abuse and veterans in need of assistance start the recovery process.  Many families are referred to Another Hand Foundation in hopes that we are able to help these families move foward in life.  The furniture and household items we donate helps rebuild the lives of these families. We are working together in the community to provide strength from within, to provide hope for tomorrow and prevent homelessness today.

The mission of AHF is "Assisting Families and individuals during crisis and empowering them to rebuild their lives."

Our vision is to offer hope and recovery to the individuals and families whom we serve; to help them rebuild their lives through education as well as practical assistance; and to prevent homelessness that would otherwise occur as a result of fire and other tragedies.

We maintain a well-organized secure warehouse where donations of family appropriate furniture and other household items are catalogued and stored.  Once the families have found a new home our eager volunteers  join with them to select their furniture, clothing and household items to start resettling in their new homes and/or apartments.

Another Hand and its generous donors are pro-active in giving fire-loss families a running re-start.
AHF has moved to an 11,000 square foot facility in order to house more items and help more families.


"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give." ≈ Winston Churchill

Since January
2010, AHF has helped over 2500+ families with furniture and household items. Whether these families have suffered the tragedy of a fire, domestic abuse, or veterans in need of assistance due to unforseen circumstances, we are there to lend Another Hand. 

Another Hand helped over 70 families with household items and furnishings due to the floods of July 2010. We worked diligently to gather as many linens, blankets and towels for the families that were affected by the floods.

Our programs are designed to help families recover from a tragedy or disaster.

These are the many ways AHF helps families:
  • Replacing household furnishings
  • Donations of clothing
  • Find shelter and supplies
  • Find food pantries in your area
  • Helps with the governmental resources available
  • Read and Understand insurance policies 
  • Helps with insurance policy processes
  • Knowing the rights and obligations of your insurance policy

    Education of Fire Prevention

    • The importance of fire prevention
    • Fire Safety Tips
    • Building an escape plan for your home
    • The importance of renter's insurance

    New Housing Programs

    • Rent to own/lease options to purchase
    • Working with non-profits for credit repair
    • Working with first time home-buyers


       Zulima Murgado - Director - Assisting a family

"In this life we cannot all do great things. But we can do small things with great love." ≈ Mother Teresa

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